Color Your World

Choosing the right color combinations can make the difference between an outfit that's a hit and one that's a miss.


At Jackie Steiner Originals, we understand that color choices can be very intimidating. But don't despair! Our experts can pull all of your decor together by making the proper color recommendations.


 No color is wrong if paired with the right thing! It’s just a matter of

picking a color that’s complementary with your skin tone, or
what's appropriate for a time and a place.
If you look at fashion right now — there is such a tremendous
explosion of contrasting prints and colors — I love it!  What some
say “ugly” color can really appear beautiful if paired
with the right thing (or other color).


When you need assistance in choosing a handwoven accessory, we are here to give you the confidence you need to jazz up any drab outfit.




Photo Gallery: Color Makes the Difference

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